My Intro to Interior Design

Take one imaginative designer, add his love of colour and unique accessories, and you’ve got the perfect outfit, right? Wrong. Arren Williams, a stylist, editor and trend reporter is ready to work on your home, not your wardrobe. On my first ever trip to Toronto’s Interior Design Show, I had the pleasure of learning about his perspective and picking up tips in the seminar Up Close + Personal with Arren Williams. Although I had seen his work before (in House & Home and the National Post), listening to Williams’ decorating tips was the perfect start for this IDS newbie. Sitting in the front row (alongside the lovely ladies of @beauxmondes_), I wondered whether I would be able to apply some of Williams’ concepts. Soon I realized that he and I speak the same language. 

How To Style Your Room Like You Put Together Your Outfit

1.Make room for colour and eccentricity
“Please, start collecting stuff,” Williams advises. Eccentric accessories and items that have sentimental meaning incorporate history and personality in a space. Items that are representative of stories about where you found them or why they’re special will immediately bring your personal style to the room.

2.Make friends with wallpaper
Wallpaper is a fun way to incorporate pattern and texture. From bold graphics to demure florals, wallpaper helps make a statement on one wall, or all four.

3.Shop Vintage
You may already search Goodwill, Value Village and the shops on Queen West for vintage items or accessories, and it’s time to do the same when it comes to your home. Vintage finds can be repainted or re-upholstered to create a signature look in any room.

With sites like Erica Domesek’s PS. I Made This, fashion lovers are able to quickly recreate items they’ve seen on the runway. Williams encourages taking on do-it-yourself design projects as well. He made his dining room table!

5.Editing is important
“We’re beyond good taste,” says Williams, “People are now decorating with interesting, educated taste.” In other words, there is no template. Follow your instincts and inject your personal style in any space. That may mean including pops of colour or a collection of antiques. In the end you might want to change things, and so it will take time to re-arrange until you’re happy with the look. But just like pulling together the perfect outfit, you’ll know when you’ve got it right.

For more on Arren’s colourful designs (including his own home renovation) check out @arrenwilliams and arrenwilliams.com

Thanks to Lisa Canning of Condos by Canning for tickets to this special seminar event at IDS


Jacklyn said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was great to meet you. We should all get together soon

Mary said...

Great tips!

wicker outdoor furniture said...

These are excellent tips. It is important that the design that you have in mind is already in place before buying any stuff or furniture. Planning for the long term is necessary.