Informed Intern, 2

Q: What kind of work does an intern do?

What to expect really depends on the department that you're working in. When applying, study the masthead and think about who you might like to work with. At some publications, your internship will be spent assisting one editor. However, you also might have the chance to help people in a bunch of different departments. Either way you can count on administrative work, mail and researching ideas for upcoming issues. I have never completed a fashion internship, and therefore haven't had the chance to work in the fashion closet or help on shoots. But as an editorial (or copy or features) intern I have been asked to research people/places/things to cover in upcoming issues, blog for the magazine's website and fact-check articles. My very first internship was assisting with promotions, meaning I would help track samples, put together gift bags, work at events and write event summaries for potential sponsors. The work that an intern does varies from tedious to thrilling. But if there's something that you'd really like to be involved in, speak up.

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