Can't Wait to Wear: Julian Louie x Aldo

When it comes to shoes, I’m not an impulse shopper. I typically pass by shop windows and go in to browse the latest selection multiple times before zeroing in on the pair that will best suit my wardrobe. After an extremely long winter spent scuffing up my peep-toe platform booties and trying to keep my flat leather boots clean, I’m looking forward to showing off some stand-out footwear for spring. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or to have one go-to pair as soon as the snow melts, Aldo’s latest designer collaboration is one to look out for.

At New York Fashion Week, Julian Louie’s collection had editors and bloggers buzzing about the footwear. The former architecture student used patches of suede and cotton to create a collage of tribal and ikat prints. Play with patterns or keep things neutral in the classic nude pair. These Julian Louie x Aldo open-toe wedges will be arriving in Aldo stores in the coming weeks. So if  you’re anything like me, start deciding which pair is  your favourite.


Tali's Takeover

Walking in the sunshine. Hearing your name called. Landing your dream job. There are some moments when you can’t help but smile as the world in your peripheral vision blurs as if it were painted in watercolours. As the fashion weeks zip by, and the industry’s most influential tastemakers travel from capital to capital, I wonder if they experience these kinds of moments as well. Luckily, model Tali Lennox has her own moment to share.

In her second season at London Fashion Week, Tali – who calls Annie Lennox (“Whyyyyyy” sing it!) mom – has certainly become one to watch. The eighteen-year-old has already walked for Prada and Miu Miu, and stars in the latest Burberry campaign shot by Mario Testino. She recently gave Britain’s The Telegraph a summary of her hectic London fashion week schedule. By retelling her experience, Tali gives readers an insider’s view and reveals her own reflections along the way. I think it’s fun to know that even the models sometimes can’t help but get swept up in it all.

“I wore high-waisted pinstriped trousers and a grey shirt with an art deco print. I loved the music for the show, which started off with the 101 Dalmatians theme tune mixed into a thumping beat. I had one of those surreal moments where I looked around and the music was pumping and all the girls looked crazy and I thought, 'What the hell am I doing? Where am I?'” Tali Lennox as told to The Telegraph


My Intro to Interior Design

Take one imaginative designer, add his love of colour and unique accessories, and you’ve got the perfect outfit, right? Wrong. Arren Williams, a stylist, editor and trend reporter is ready to work on your home, not your wardrobe. On my first ever trip to Toronto’s Interior Design Show, I had the pleasure of learning about his perspective and picking up tips in the seminar Up Close + Personal with Arren Williams. Although I had seen his work before (in House & Home and the National Post), listening to Williams’ decorating tips was the perfect start for this IDS newbie. Sitting in the front row (alongside the lovely ladies of @beauxmondes_), I wondered whether I would be able to apply some of Williams’ concepts. Soon I realized that he and I speak the same language. 

How To Style Your Room Like You Put Together Your Outfit

1.Make room for colour and eccentricity
“Please, start collecting stuff,” Williams advises. Eccentric accessories and items that have sentimental meaning incorporate history and personality in a space. Items that are representative of stories about where you found them or why they’re special will immediately bring your personal style to the room.

2.Make friends with wallpaper
Wallpaper is a fun way to incorporate pattern and texture. From bold graphics to demure florals, wallpaper helps make a statement on one wall, or all four.

3.Shop Vintage
You may already search Goodwill, Value Village and the shops on Queen West for vintage items or accessories, and it’s time to do the same when it comes to your home. Vintage finds can be repainted or re-upholstered to create a signature look in any room.

With sites like Erica Domesek’s PS. I Made This, fashion lovers are able to quickly recreate items they’ve seen on the runway. Williams encourages taking on do-it-yourself design projects as well. He made his dining room table!

5.Editing is important
“We’re beyond good taste,” says Williams, “People are now decorating with interesting, educated taste.” In other words, there is no template. Follow your instincts and inject your personal style in any space. That may mean including pops of colour or a collection of antiques. In the end you might want to change things, and so it will take time to re-arrange until you’re happy with the look. But just like pulling together the perfect outfit, you’ll know when you’ve got it right.

For more on Arren’s colourful designs (including his own home renovation) check out @arrenwilliams and arrenwilliams.com

Thanks to Lisa Canning of Condos by Canning for tickets to this special seminar event at IDS


Can't Wait to Wear: Neon

This year's spring collections were saturated with pops of colour. As temperatures rise, shades of lime, coral and turquoise will certainly complement my black and beige basics. Whether it's with a bright bag or blouse, I can't wait to step out in neon.

 Clockwise from top left: Aquilano.Rimondi, Christopher Kane, Jil Sander, Rachel Roy, Prada, Giambattista Valli (Style.com)


Jet Sets and Joy Rides

It's no secret that I've been thinking a lot about traveling lately. I'm dreaming of a trip to a new place, where I can soak up the culture and stroll through the picturesque streets. My ideal itinerary has lots of space for people-watching, perusing and getting lost. I've never been to Paris, but I thought I'd send you this postcard anyway.
EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

Directed by Gustav Johansson gustavjohansson.com
Director of Photography: Niklas Johansson niklasjohansson.com
Typography: Albin Holmqvist albinholmqvist.com
Music: Magnus Lidehäll twitter.com/​magnusthemagnus


Colour From the Front Row

Despite my efforts to fit in a quick trip to New York this month, my only view of fashion week is through the eyes of my favourite writers, bloggers, editors and photographers. For quick quips and colourful comments, the best place to catch up on what's happening is to follow fashion's most influential on Twitter. Here are my favourite tweets of the week so far!

@fashionista_com Photog (loudly) to "lady in the hat" in the front row - "sit back and stop twittering!" at Preen #nyfw

@fashionista_com Nigel Barker let his hair grow a bit and he now looks like my dad.

@fashionista_com Emmanuelle Alt is looking very pretty @prabalgurung in a military coat and stiletto boots, reading a mag with her picture on the cover

@xoxSNP Our waiter at the pad thai place recognized Tommy Ton. Only at fashion week.

@mrjoezee There's only one way to have a chic Sunday morning: Spend it with @victoriabeckham seeing her new collection. #Major #nyfw

@mrjoezee Getting ready for another day of #nyfw with @ladygaga's Born This Way blasting. Feels like 1995 and I'm getting ready to go out. #MAJOR


Make the Cut

There is no class that will show you step by step how to land your dream job. Everyone's path is different. That's why I frequently look for advice from people that I admire in the industry. Whether you're enrolling in school or applying for jobs, we could all use a little perspective. Here's a little required reading.
  • Teen Vogue EiC Amy Astley's talks about her rise to the top of the masthead
  • Fashionista encourages you to enroll in a program that you're passionate about
  • Flare's EiC Lisa Tant shares her top tips for applicants 



"There is something to be said for the pure joy of dressing up and going out, of being young and alive in the city." - Lily Kwong, Vogue January 2011
Some style inspiration from (clockwise from top left): Whitney Port, Zoe Kravitz, 
Olivia Palermo, Margherita Missoni, Rachel Bilson and Diane Kruger

Love/Leave Feb 2011

Let's focus on the love this February, shall we?
LOVE: FLARE's latest issue pops with cover star Nina Dobrev (the Degrassi alum currently starring in the insanely addictive The Vampire Diaries) lying on a bed of roses. While many consumer mags feature their cover stars on a stark background, this concept is a lovely alternative. The cover's colour scheme and cover line shout outs to spring have me dreaming about dressing for warmer days already. Aspiring art directors, stylists or photographers should be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes footage of this photo shoot on flare.com

 LOVE: Something about this cover feels dated to me. I think it's the colour scheme. At the same time, I appreciate seeing Victoria Beckham captured in such a cozy, undone way. Her image is so often all about sharpness. It's the tiny frame, the heels on her stilettos and the steely gaze. This time around British Vogue features a much softer looking Mrs. Beckham. It's a welcome change and makes me wonder if the accompanying story also paints her in an unexpected light.

LOVE: This isn't my favourite cover this month. But it's the first Elle Canada cover that's actually made me do a double take at the newsstand. Glee's Dianna Agron typically channels old Hollywood style. Perhaps it's all in her facial expression, but the cover snap looks like a slightly darker version of the actress.


Informed Intern, 2

Q: What kind of work does an intern do?

What to expect really depends on the department that you're working in. When applying, study the masthead and think about who you might like to work with. At some publications, your internship will be spent assisting one editor. However, you also might have the chance to help people in a bunch of different departments. Either way you can count on administrative work, mail and researching ideas for upcoming issues. I have never completed a fashion internship, and therefore haven't had the chance to work in the fashion closet or help on shoots. But as an editorial (or copy or features) intern I have been asked to research people/places/things to cover in upcoming issues, blog for the magazine's website and fact-check articles. My very first internship was assisting with promotions, meaning I would help track samples, put together gift bags, work at events and write event summaries for potential sponsors. The work that an intern does varies from tedious to thrilling. But if there's something that you'd really like to be involved in, speak up.

What's on your mind? Let me know and you may find your answer here.

Silver Linings

I don't always look on the bright side. I am not always the cheeriest person. But since I started working I have realized that there are moments in the mornings on my way to work when I glance up at the skyscrapers around me, smile to myself and think Gosh, I'm lucky. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out. 

I take that second to smile to myself for two reasons. Firstly, I deserve it. I have worked towards a career in magazines since elementary school. In those days, I imagined being an editor-in-chief and that each subject was a mandatory meeting (in creative writing I brainstormed story ideas for the upcoming issue, in math my teacher/publisher helped guide me through our circulation numbers and in art my teacher/art director suggested ideas for editorials). Dreaming in elementary school later led to studying English in university, interning and seeking out information wherever I could. Secondly, I think some people might forget to do the same. 

The image of the intern is perky, eager and over-achieving. The intern is energetic, punctual and clamoring for attention. He/she arrives early, juggles tasks and leaves late. Look what I can do! Look what I can do! I can do it all for free! Then there's the editor. He/she has arrived. Interviews, events, runway shows and meetings are all in a day's work. The day breezes by, but hopefully not without a second to smile about it. My point is that I'm excited about my latest work experiences, and I think that anyone in any other field should feel the same. Whether or not an editor tries to uphold an icy image a la Wintour, I appreciate the moments when they allow readers to know that they are in love with what they do. That's why I adored Sarah Casselman's account of her first trip to Chanel's haute couture show in Paris.

"My first response - elation! - was followed by a wave of what-to-wear anxiety. But elation won." - Sarah Casselman, FASHION's Fashion Market Editor