Visual Interest

When I recently redecorated the board in my room to reflect what I'm interested in this season, I noticed a return to words rather than images. Since most of the fashion shoots in my December issues failed to jump out at me, I ended up tearing out pages with bold heds [titles of articles or shoots], deks [sub-titles of articles or shoots] and even ads with encouraging slogans. Now the words "refined" and "make yourself proud" appear mixed in with images of Alexa Chung and Sasha Pivovarova. That afternoon I just couldn't seem to track down pages of photos that inspired me. Then one early morning before work I found a collection of paintings by Paolo Galetto on Vogue.it. The images feature some of the world's best known society heiresses, actresses and models, from a dreamy, water-coloured perspective.
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 Chiara Clemente
 Poppy Delevingne
Zani Gugelmann

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