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Since starting Life is Glossy, I've received lovely emails from readers with compliments and questions. So I thought I'd take those questions and answer them one by one right here. Whether you've already landed an internship or not, you might like to hear what I think about the questions that come up the most. While most of them can be answered in a variety of ways, I can only speak from my own internship experiences. Don't hesitate to weigh in with comments or different views! Welcome to the first installment of Informed Intern!

Q: What's the best way to stand out and make a good impression during my internship?

A: Speak up! I've struggled with this because I tend to sit back the first week or so and just observe how things are done. This isn't bad, but in the past it took me a few weeks to warm up to one boss and when I finally felt comfortable enough to chat about ideas, my thoughts on the current issue and the things I'm passionate about she asked me why I hadn't been that vocal from the beginning. Make the most of your internship by asking your boss questions about the industry and don't be afraid to make suggestions. Once you've settled in and learned what you will be responsible for, it's important to anticipate. Learn what your regular tasks will be and get them done. Finally, I think the sooner that you develop relationships in the office the better. Editors have interns because they want fresh ideas and perspectives coming in. Interns work for free because they want a crash course on the industry. Usually internships have a start and end date, so make the most of your time there.

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Liana @ femme fraiche said...

Even though I'm not exactly an intern now, I couldn't agree more. My position is just a gateway for me to grow in the industry and my efforts to show interest in all aspects of the company by asking questions and taking on tasks outside of my responsibility has definitely been noticed and remarked on! Good tip;)