At First Sight

Years ago on a family vacation, I remember my mother arriving at the pool with a treat for me in hand, an issue of Vogue with Jennifer Lopez on the cover. I still have it and have found that over the years there are certain celebs that will influence my decision to buy a magazine, hold on to it or even to walk right by. Along with Jennifer Lopez on my list of must-buys is Anne Hathaway. My little library includes her current Vogue issue, the last one she did and an older issue of InStyle (a magazine I don't read regularly). Here's a roundup of who makes the cut. Some of the following relate back to a favourite film, song or iconic outfit, while others, I can barely explain.
The Must-Buys: Favourites Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Drew Barrymore, The Olsens
The May-Buys: Always intriguing Kate Hudson, Lauren Conrad
The Walk-on-Bys: Not interested in Taylor Swift, Blake Lively
Do you breeze past the newsstand waiting for something to catch your eye? Or are you loyal to certain titles?

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Anonymous said...

I subscribe to three magazines I read loyally, but if I see anything on the news stand with SJP and also the Olsens that won't be coming in my mail box I have to get it.

I'm not particularly fond of anything with Katie Holmes or Fergie though.