The door says “Push Gorgeous,” the wall-to-wall white interior is lined with the latest beauty products and the latest international fashion magazines are strewn about the plush, black banquettes. Gee Beauty, a beauty bar in Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood, is the perfect escape for city-dwellers looking for a luxe retreat. Owned by former beauty editor, Miriam Gee and her daughter Natalie, Gee Beauty offers skin treatments, makeup applications, and threading among their list of services. The first priority at Gee Beauty is treating busy, urban sophisticates to time-sensitive treatments. 

Since my first visit to Gee Beauty, I have made a point of celebrating any special occasion (whether it's a friend's birthday or a day out with my sisters) there. When you don't live in the city, a manicure at Gee becomes a treat, rather than a regular habit. AG knows what I like. So when she proposed we go get manicures to celebrate my belated birthday, I couldn't have been more excited. After a difficult week I was looking forward to our scheduled time to catch up. With the opening of their new store, 6, Gee was certainly buzzing. We went Down Below (the lower level) to choose our colours, before being seated upstairs to have our nails done. She chose OPI's Overexposed in South Beach, while I went straight for OPI's Bring on the Bling. Then we sat back and chatted about what we'd recently missed in each other's lives. It was almost aspirational. We couldn't help but imagine ourselves years from now, with homes in the city and regular appointments like these. Following our manicures, we perused the selection of lipsticks and glosses. In the case of my friendship with AG, I suppose you could say that opposites attract. She immediately reached for frosty pinks, while I had my eye on darker rose and plum shades. 

An afternoon spent dreaming of city life and brainstorming future vacation destinations was the perfect way to relax after a hectic week. Tomorrow I'll be reminded of what I'm working towards and the life I'm saving up for every time my sparkly nails catch the light.


Anonymous said...

That was extemely aspirational! I got goosebumps after reading it. Keep up the great work Erica you are so talented. I couldn`t think of a better Saturday afternoon :3

Marisa said...

Love your writing Erica. Thanks for reminding me of life's small pleasures!!