Bonjour Paris!

Last Christmas, AG read my mind. My gift was Deirdre Kelly's Paris Times Eight. I've never been to Paris, and couldn't wait to see it through the writer's eyes. The book describes eight trips to Paris, beginning with her first and describing the ways the city impacts her each time she returns. My favourite chapter, Fashionista, reveals Kelly's experiences covering Paris Fashion Week for the first time. Her story is filled with funny observations about the fashion industry, it's major players and the publications they work for (including a few Canadian ones). Despite her appreciation for the world of fashion, I identified with the way that she described herself as a fish out of water in the opulent, extravagant scene. Of all the quotes I could have shared, I decided upon this one because it sums up the feeling I get whenever I hand something in. You finish writing, inhale, hit send and wait. Sometimes you get a pie in the face, and in Miss Kelly's case, you end up with a trip to Paris. 

"But such is the self-delusory world of the writer. You think you have been good, and then an editor tells you you have been bad. You think you have been bad, and then an editor tells you, surprise, not only have you been good, but great, worthy of the expense of sending you to Paris." - Deirdre Kelly, Paris Times Eight

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