Meet DG

With her creative look and sharp fashion instincts, Daniela Ghazalian stands out from the crowd. After years of sitting alongside her in class and cheering her on in her pursuit of a design career, I thought it was about time I introduce you to this bright, young thing. She dishes on her dream job, what every intern should have and the one thing she wouldn't be caught dead wearing.
I’m a Bright Young Thing named: Daniela Ghazalian

Current position/employer: Design Intern for Erin Kleinberg

How would you describe your style? Quite eclectic - I experiment with a lot of different looks and trends.  However, black clothing has always remained consistent, which gives more of an edgy vibe to my style.

What inspires you? I am very inspired by vintage clothing.  Everything in fashion comes back eventually. So it’s really cool to see some original pieces, especially from the 1970’s glam rock era.  The style was so androgynous. Gender had essentially vanished when it came to fashion. Editorial photo shoots also inspire me, especially if Grace Coddington directs them.  The story portrayed in the shoot, the setting and the outfits chosen are all captivating.

What are your favourite sources for fashion news? British and American Vogue, Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar, Flare, The Sartorialist, The Blonde Salad, Style.com, The Cut.

Who is your style crush? Olivia Palermo.  Her style is always very polished. It's a little structured, yet remains so versatile.  She plays around with different prints, colours, styles, eras...It’s really fascinating to witness someone have the fun they should be having with clothing and accessories.

What do you think of the fashion scene in Toronto?
The issue with the fashion scene in Toronto is not that it is necessarily subdued, it’s that it’s scattered.  If you go to areas such as Ossington, Kensington, Yorkville, or Queen West, people are dressed quite impressively.  Whether it’s high-end luxury, 1960’s vintage, or a Kate Moss grunge look, these areas are composed of people with a distinctive style that make them unique.  However, if you travel to the Richmond and John area or King Street West past 11:00pm, you’re going to witness something far more tragic.  I do strongly believe that Toronto has a lot of potential to become influential in the fashion industry, it just needs more time to evolve and unite. 

What’s the best advice you’ve received as an intern thus far? Expand your network, always be polite, constantly keep yourself informed, and never let failure scare you.

What do you think every intern must have?
Every intern must have confidence. Without it, no one will think you are competent. Don’t complain about doing mundane tasks and always be grateful for the internship you have.

What’s the most exciting experience you’ve had as an intern? Being able to meet other talented Canadian designers has been really exciting.  However, the entire experience of interning is exciting enough.  You learn something new every day, and it’s never boring!

What surprised you the most about working in the fashion industry?  When I was working as a Production Assistant for Preloved, I was shocked by the amount of people who were involved in the process and just how much work it actually is.  The inside of fashion is far from glamourous!

Dream Job? To be the Creative Director of my own fashion line.  If that doesn’t work out, rock star (I’m not joking).

If you could have tea with anyone in fashion who would it be? Why? Karl Lagerfeld.  His designs are amazing and his runway shows are always a spectacle.  His fashion design career is something I aspire to have one day.

What are you most looking forward to wearing this holiday season? I’m looking forward to wearing lots of futuristic colours; gold, silver, metallic gray.  Anything that has sequins will also be making several appearances this holiday.

Which trend do you wish would fade forever? Kitten Heels.  I cringe at the thought of them.  I find them incredibly unflattering for a woman’s body and rather useless. Wear flats or high heels. It’s that simple.



The door says “Push Gorgeous,” the wall-to-wall white interior is lined with the latest beauty products and the latest international fashion magazines are strewn about the plush, black banquettes. Gee Beauty, a beauty bar in Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood, is the perfect escape for city-dwellers looking for a luxe retreat. Owned by former beauty editor, Miriam Gee and her daughter Natalie, Gee Beauty offers skin treatments, makeup applications, and threading among their list of services. The first priority at Gee Beauty is treating busy, urban sophisticates to time-sensitive treatments. 

Since my first visit to Gee Beauty, I have made a point of celebrating any special occasion (whether it's a friend's birthday or a day out with my sisters) there. When you don't live in the city, a manicure at Gee becomes a treat, rather than a regular habit. AG knows what I like. So when she proposed we go get manicures to celebrate my belated birthday, I couldn't have been more excited. After a difficult week I was looking forward to our scheduled time to catch up. With the opening of their new store, 6, Gee was certainly buzzing. We went Down Below (the lower level) to choose our colours, before being seated upstairs to have our nails done. She chose OPI's Overexposed in South Beach, while I went straight for OPI's Bring on the Bling. Then we sat back and chatted about what we'd recently missed in each other's lives. It was almost aspirational. We couldn't help but imagine ourselves years from now, with homes in the city and regular appointments like these. Following our manicures, we perused the selection of lipsticks and glosses. In the case of my friendship with AG, I suppose you could say that opposites attract. She immediately reached for frosty pinks, while I had my eye on darker rose and plum shades. 

An afternoon spent dreaming of city life and brainstorming future vacation destinations was the perfect way to relax after a hectic week. Tomorrow I'll be reminded of what I'm working towards and the life I'm saving up for every time my sparkly nails catch the light.

Bonjour Paris!

Last Christmas, AG read my mind. My gift was Deirdre Kelly's Paris Times Eight. I've never been to Paris, and couldn't wait to see it through the writer's eyes. The book describes eight trips to Paris, beginning with her first and describing the ways the city impacts her each time she returns. My favourite chapter, Fashionista, reveals Kelly's experiences covering Paris Fashion Week for the first time. Her story is filled with funny observations about the fashion industry, it's major players and the publications they work for (including a few Canadian ones). Despite her appreciation for the world of fashion, I identified with the way that she described herself as a fish out of water in the opulent, extravagant scene. Of all the quotes I could have shared, I decided upon this one because it sums up the feeling I get whenever I hand something in. You finish writing, inhale, hit send and wait. Sometimes you get a pie in the face, and in Miss Kelly's case, you end up with a trip to Paris. 

"But such is the self-delusory world of the writer. You think you have been good, and then an editor tells you you have been bad. You think you have been bad, and then an editor tells you, surprise, not only have you been good, but great, worthy of the expense of sending you to Paris." - Deirdre Kelly, Paris Times Eight


Camel Story

In a world (mine) filled with old Hollywood films, fashion images and photo-driven stories, I couldn't help but think of Grace Kelly when Chloe's FW 2010 camel took over this season. Runway reviews praised the luxe look, and camel coats were promptly promoted as a must-have. Since I've seen High Society countless times, I immediately thought of Kelly's turn as icy bride-to-be, Tracy Lord. While she spends the second half of the movie in stunning gowns, she wears head-to-toe camel in the first bit. I'm always so interested in the ways that editors and critics in the front row interpret runway shows. Here, I'll show you what I saw when I first saw this stand out collection.
Chloe Fall/Winter 2010

Grace Kelly in High Society (1956)
PS. If you have any interest in seeing Grace Kelly's last Hollywood film, her enormous engagement ring from Prince Rainier or swooning for Frank Sinatra, I highly recommend this movie.