Love/Leave Oct 2010

To celebrate ELLE's 25th birthday, the mag has put out multiple covers of both their US and British versions. On the American covers, the faces change but the rest remains similar. The British versions feature different looks, sets and styles of photography. This ELLE UK cover stars Canadian model Coco Rocha.
LOVE: Coco's bombshell look - complete with leopard print, cleavage and tousled blond locks - may be a little obvious and extremely  overdone (file under LEAVE), but at least the entire shot tells the story of this vintage vixen. The set design makes this cover much more attractive than others I've seen in recent months, which have featured a similarly styled model posed against a stark white background.

LOVE: Since I haven't decided whether or not I'm a fan of Carey Mulligan (her movies or her style), I'm immediately intrigued by this cover. The story alone draws me in because I'd like to learn more about her. I think that her natural hair and makeup was the right choice because the story is about getting to know her, and an overly styled look may have left her unrecognizable to those who are fans of her earlier work.
LEAVE: The outfit. When I first saw this cover I immediately thought about how pretty she looks. Then her outfit left me a little confused. For someone who has already had some lovely red carpet moments, I think they could have had a little more fun. Plus, her hair looks as if it has movement, yet the clothing looks completely stiff and heavy.

LOVE: Yes, it's time again for yet another Drew Barrymore cover. She's been everywhere lately and I'm still a fan. She experimented with retro glam looks while promoting Grey Gardens, but I think this '70s inspired cover and spread really suit her. Also, the lighting here reminds me of Ashley Olsen's recent FASHION cover. It's warm, inviting and calling my name. 
LEAVE: When the cover star looks this good, who reads cover lines? Of course I do. But even Drew's shiny hair couldn't stop me from cringing at the sight of 'Fabulous at Every Age.' I know that some of the best cover lines are recycled over and over, but I've seen this one so many times that the words have become meaningless.

Who wins this round? I'd reach for Harper's Bazaar. How about you?

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