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There's a long list of assumptions that can be made about people who consider themselves fans or followers of fashion. I've always thought that one example is that people who love fashion are always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration. Where does there inspiration come from? Oh, the possibilities are endless. But where does it go? One likely spot is the board. Call it a mood board, inspiration board or bulletin board but I've always had one and have taken pride in the collages I've created. 

In high school, my board was a combination of party invites and pop culture. In other words, the mix often included a picture of Britney Spears in something short and sparkly. "Crazy" and "Stronger" were in heavy rotation since I struggled between being lovesick and what I hoped came across as being fiercely independent. Ripped pages from Seventeen and CosmoGIRL! about not needing a boyfriend, being the single friend in a group of attached girls and how to exude confidence also made appearances on that teenage board. 

Though the images I posted always revolved around the young woman I wanted to become, they didn't always focus on fashion. Throughout my university years the board became filled with travel images and increasingly artful photography. I had taken the leap from suburb to city, and hoped to broaden my view of the world. 

These days the board continues to mix tears from all of the different magazines I'm reading. From fitness to fashion, close shots to wide ones and brightly coloured to monochromatic pictures, I arrange what inspires me as I please. Sometimes there are ads, heds or entire articles. Sometimes there are models, starlets or athletes.

Sure, there are two boards in my room (one that frequently changes, one that is a little more permanent), but those can only express a few of the ideas that influence me each day. There are certain things that I'll always be tied to - but here's what's up right now:

The Standard One:
-2010 Calendar of 1960s fashion photography
-An Italian Breakfast at Tiffany's postcard (Colazione da Tiffany) purchased on the Danforth
-Pictures of my cousins and I
-My number from my first 10k race
-An Italian bracelet I purchased on my Siena study abroad trip
-A birthday card from my sister
-A card sent by RB when she lived in Manhattan

The Ever-Changing One:
-Gwyneth Paltrow surrounded by books from Vogue
-A Michael Kors a, posted for it's camel clothes and burnt orange accessories
-Black & white photo of Alexa Chung from L'Officiel
-Black & white photo of Catherine Deneuve reading from FASHION
-Beauty shot (strong brows) from FLARE
-Fashion shot (all in black, leopard print shoes) from FLARE
-An Asics ad to remind me to keep running
-A dancer at the barre from Women's Health to remind me of the years I spent in dance class

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olivia.cupido said...

ahhh changing the boards is possibly one of the most exciting parts of my room clean up.. currently loving the gwyenth shot