What's Your Story?

Working at a magazine that doesn't primarily focus on fashion is a change for me (after my internships). Sure, fashion's always part of the mix, but I've realized in these past months at work just how much I adore writing about the world of clothes. As I've gotten to know my coworkers, they've begun to tell that I'm one of the girls who gets excited when designers are in town or when new lines are launched. It seems that jumping in on conversations and sharing my thoughts has paid off, because today I was invited to accompany another editor to an upcoming Holt Renfrew event in Toronto. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that it all works out, that I have the chance to meet editors/bloggers and that I don't end up spending too much on an outfit. I may not be working at a fashion magazine (yet!) but you all know how much I love to read about what it's like behind the scenes. I am endlessly intrigued by stories about what it took to reach a dream job, what people did to stand out and how their risks paid off along the way. That's why I've always responded to readers who email me with questions and written posts based on what they'd like to know. Although I've made the jump from intern to editorial assistant, I consider my story to have just begun. Looking for more? Here are a few treats from my most recent list of must-read links.

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LVS @ femme fraiche said...

EC! How amazing....what kind of event is it!?!? So excited for you!

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