Love/Leave Sept 2010

 After weeks of keeping busy I've finally come out from under my pile of magazines to quickly recap what's hit the newsstands for September 2010. With sneak peaks of October covers already popping up, it's certainly about time! What did you love or leave this month? 

LOVE: The gold, and the warmth that this cover exudes. Ashley Olsen is just the fashion powerhouse to encourage readers to look forward to cooler temperatures. 
LEAVE: The cover line labeling this, 'The Trend Issue.' It includes a full round up of fall's biggest hits, however, so much of this season is about minimalistic mainstays so I don't think it conveys the right message. One of the major trends this fall is to pare down and avoid trendy dressing. Plus, A. Olsen is known to avoid trends in favour of her own particularly luxe uniform.

LOVE: Mary-Kate Olsen has always intrigued me. When I saw these covers I thought two things. One, I must read this interview. Two, the cover on the left is much more enticing. From the green military coat to the way the words 'Fall Fashion' appear as if they were scrawled across the page in lipstick, I'd reach for the cover on the left.
LEAVE: The chill of the sea breeze I feel when I look at the cover on the right. Plus, the lines asking where is the better place to meet men and why anger is the new sex aren't exactly drawing me in.

LOVE: FLARE has been creating some very exciting covers lately with some of the world's top models. Though Doutzen Kroes' hair and makeup are subdued, this cover would stand out on the newsstand because of the way she seems to be leaning toward the reader. Also, this entire look is cohesive with the cover lines in setting the tone for this issue. It's all about the bombshell.

LEAVE: When you consider the theme of the issue, the choice of outfit seems like a no-brainer. Personally, I prefer the warmth of autumn colours to this cool-toned cover look.

LOVE: Seeing Halle Berry's beauty on the cover of Vogue's most important issue of the year. The word "sumptuous."
LEAVE: The pose that seems to hide her striking features. That hairstyle.

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