Things I've Been Meaning to Say

Writing display copy makes me tense and nervous. At work I fill it in and expect an editor to immediately re-write it. Recently I was so anxious about writing display copy for a small assignment I had, that I spent time after work flipping through back issues (of any magazine in my collection) in search of snappy titles. My Service Journalism instructor often mentioned the value of 'stealing' display. Also, my Feature Writing teacher told us stories in which he used display copy he'd seen in European publications on his query letters. In the end I actually received an email complimenting me on my titles and sub-heads, which certainly made my day. 

So when starting a blog post I often blurt something out as a title and then go back and think it hardly captures what I'm trying to say. Other options for this post? Things I like, I'm Likin' It, In My Head, Without a Hed...See what I mean? 

Bottom Line - You know when something catches your eye and you think, 'I've gotta tell (insert BFF's name here) about this later!' I've had a bunch of moments like that lately and I've been meaning to tell you about them. Here's what's been on my mind:

Last Summer 
I had the most incredible, life-changing vacation in Italy. From the very first time I went when I was 12, I feel like I discover something new about myself every single time I'm there. Last summer I experience the Amalfi Coast for the first time. This summer I'm at home. Naturally, my cubicle is decorated with photos from that August adventure. So seeing la Costiera through a vintage lens felt like a love letter from Vogue Italia to me. 

The Miu Miu Covers
By now I'm sure you've all seen the Miu Miu dress that ended up on three August covers. This month Dakota Fanning's on Marie Claire and Flare (sporting quite different looks, might I add), but clearly having an outfit on more than one cover causes much more of a stir. My pick? Elle UK.  

Current Polish
First off, I must announce that my search for the perfect mint green polish ended last weekend when OC and I had the most successful trip to Vaughan Mills, EVER. That's when I found China Glaze in Re-Fresh Mint. After a quick stint I ditched the mint for a coral that seemed a little out of character (I'm usually sporting a neutral or dark colour) -- Tart Deco. Not sure what my next colour choice will be, but the next thing I'm searching for is OPI Done Out in Deco.

My Two Lefts
Once upon a tweet, I mentioned my incessant search for the perfect pair of Zara pumps, how I found them and then how the last pair in my size ended up being two lefts. The store was messy, I was frustrated and the salesgirl couldn't have cared less. These were the ones. 

Glad we could catch up. xo

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