The Reluctant Junkie

Although I've always been intrigued by the wonders of a fresh manicure or a brand new lip gloss, I would never call myself a beauty junkie. When I was 13, my mother decided that if I was going to experiment with makeup, I should have a little bit of professional guidance. I remember that trip to the MAC counter, where one of their experts taught me all about application. I left with pink cream shadow, mauve powder, iridescent lip gloss and an unwavering sense of confidence. I met my friends that afternoon and remember not caring that I was completely overdone for the mall. I felt special, glamorous, even. Besides we had a party to shop for. Unfortunately, later at the dimly-lit basement dance party, I coined the phrase, "This night wasn't worth mascara." (It may have even been my msn name, please don't hold that against me!) It was my eighth grade intro to beauty products.

In high school I experimented a little more. Every morning I'd add a swipe of colour to my lids, always being sure to choose a shade that CosmoGIRL! or Seventeen advised me went well with my eye colour. When we started going to clubs, I became the unofficial makeup artist in my group of friends. At every pre-party I'd go from girl to girl, creating smoky eye after smoky eye. I still proudly play this role, but my own makeup routine has certainly been pared down. I think my fascination with paints and powders diminished when my interest in shoes began. 

When I hit university, my boyfriend always told me that his sisters frequently got their nails done. Over time, I added manicures to my list of pick-me-ups (which already included DVDs and magazines). Today I test colours on my nails instead of my eyes. In second year I started Internship No. 1. One of my memorable duties was collecting cash at their hectic beauty sale.  It was the day that all of our samples were up for grabs, and everyone on the floor was invited. There was a line that snaked around board rooms and down halls. I remember our sales coordinator was at the door, giving each small group five minutes to grab until they were kicked out for the next few bargain-hunters. At the end, we were left with a few remaining hair products and a nice sum to donate to charity. Recently I had another chance to scour products at discounted prices. I went in expecting to spend very little, but surprised myself by leaving with a little bag of new items.
The eyelash curler has always been my favourite tool. Since my sisters have recently been converted, mine seems to keep going missing, so I picked up this Revlon one. Roc Soleil Protexion spray with SPF 45, because I've suffered from too many unsightly burns. Clinque Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Nude-tritious for me, and a bright pink Smashbox gloss for a BFF (opposites attract, right?). 
OPI Over the Taupe (my favourite colour since I first tried it earlier this year), OPI Tickle my France-y, OPI Otherwise Engaged, Essie Chinchilly, Gosh teal (it's no Nouvelle Vague but I've been searching for a green shade) and Avon Vintage Blue.


Liana said...

umm so jealous of your teal nail polish. I'm on the hunt for Essie Mint Candy Apple. Also, your MAC confessions of yesteryear definitely got me reminiscing..and I have one word for you...swish?

Erica said...

OMG I've been in search of Mint Candy Apple forever! I asked our lifestyle editor if she had the Joe Fresh version stashed somewhere and she said she did! My search continues...omg I was looking for a way to tie in those colours of yesteryear! SWISH was my number one, but there were so many others. I strutted through the high school hallways with yellow, gold, purple and even green on my lids!

Mel said...

"this night wasn't worth mascara"? that's an erica-ism if i ever heard one lol. i'm loving all of the OPIs, too, esp Otherwise Engaged (the pink-ish one?)...though not as much as the SPF 45 ;)

and ps--i also totally creeped your bookshelf ;)

olivia.cupido said...

aha wow theres a eighth grade story i have yet to hear.. funny how different you are with that now.. but i must say i think ive made the exact same transition
anyways so excited to try out all those colors.. tickle my francy might just be on my nails at the moment:)
but dont worry you wont have to worry about me stealing the sun screen !