Love/Leave Aug 2010

One of Life is Glossy's biggest fans and critics is my sister, OC. I often ask her opinion, especially when it comes to these cover comparisons. Yesterday at the newsstand I lined up Dakota Fanning's Marie Claire and Flare covers for her. At first she didn't even realize it was the same person. That got me thinking about the way that stars are treated when being showcased by different mags/brands. I can just hear the voices of editors discussing how to bring out (insert star's name)'s personal style while keeping it (insert magazine title here). This month I'm looking at Drew Barrymore. 

Nylon's Denim Issue calls Barrymore "our kind of icon," and frankly, I'm more intrigued by what the interview inside might be like rather than hearing anything more about jeans. This issue has me thinking about the way a brand like Nylon would tackle a personality like Barrymore. As a former subscriber and now occasional reader, I think that this story might reveal something that another fashion publication might leave out. But that's all speculation. When it comes to the cover, the only thing really grabbing me is Barrymore herself. The only things the cover lines are saying are, "JEANS" and "DREW BARRYMORE." So if she weren't on another cover this month, I might have chosen this one. 

I'm not the most dedicated ELLE reader, but I was recently tempted by this issue at the newsstand because of the cover star. With a similar pose and hairstyle as the Nylon cover, Barrymore's ELLE cover steps it up by dressing her in a much more flattering way. Also, I like the way that ELLE's covers aren't always featuring a star on a white background. As for the cover lines, at least a reader can get a sense of some other stories by looking at this one. Besides the feature interview, I'd like to read Fashion Editors' (the real ones, not stars of The City) Secrets. The bottom right corner calls out to Ashley Greene. I've been seeing more of her lately in magazines, but I'm still waiting to read something interesting about Twilight's Alice Cullen. If it came down to these two, this month I'd choose ELLE. Based on covers alone, it looks like ELLE readers are getting a lot more. 

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