Let's Get Lost

It was my day off. It was the day my 16-year-old sister and I had been planning for weeks. I’ve often referred to her here as OC or “the coolest girl in the world.” She’s confident and for a tiny girl, she has big dreams for herself. We thought about what we might cram into the perfect day, and here’s what we came up with.

Manicures at Gee Beauty – My absolute favourite nail spot in Toronto. The space is lovely, the people are charming and the couches are always covered with the latest magazines.

Caffe Doria – Next door to Gee is Caffe Doria. I’m not one to boast about espresso bars in Toronto (except for Fresh Start of course), but when OC was craving some caffeine, this hit the spot. The fridges were loaded with a variety of panini and the small patio was buzzing. Next time we’ll have to try Doria for lunch.

Ramsden Parkette – Just a few steps south on Yonge is Ramsden Parkette. Despite our desire for a day in the city, we couldn’t help but park ourselves on a bench here for a moment in the sun.

Maison de la Presse – Whenever we are downtown, we make a point of stopping here to browse the latest issues from around the globe, debate our favourite covers and vow to become bilingual. (I’m always partial to Italian mags, while she decided to practice her French with Glamour’s latest featuring Leighton Meester)

Kensington Market – Have a favourite Kensington stop? We simply breezed through.

Type & Trinity Bellwoods – Since reviewing Type for a Toronto website, I fell in love with this bookshop. Plus, it’s across the street from Trinity Bellwoods, a perfect place to take a break from our lengthy trek.

When I got home I came across a post on my friend Amanda’s blog, Not A Model. She wrote about her chat with a group of teen girls about beauty, body image and self-esteem. In it, she expressed her passion when it comes to spreading this important message: there is no certain definition of beauty. I have always held this idea close to my heart, especially how it affects teens. My attachment to magazines began with CosmoGIRL!’s Atoosa Rubenstein, and her message about being yourself. I was struck by Amanda’s effort to take action, get out there and have a discussion with this stylish bunch. With that in mind, I called her up, just to let her know how much I appreciated being reminded of the things I felt at 16. My heart was filled with first love and my head was filled with big city dreams. 

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Amanda DiPaq [Not A Model] said...

Thanks for the love and phone call! It was such a nice surprise. You and your sister sound like you had the perfect day. I bet if I met her I'd think she's OC too. The upcoming generation seems to know what they want and have confidence that I found much later in life.