In My Dries

Wake up, get washed, check email, workout, eat breakfast while watching Fashion Television, get dressed, pack bags, frantically search for parking money and run out the door...That's what things are like Monday through Friday. Although the days of enjoying breakfast while watching MTV's The After Show are over, tuning in to Jeanne Beker is a treat I look forward to every day. Besides, being removed from the fashion scene at work has me wanting more and more. Fashion Television in the morning and fashion blogs (first stop's New York Mag's The Cut) in the evening. I just can't get enough.

Having said that, it should come as no surprise that I'm excited to start dressing for fall. Yes, it's the middle of the summer. But I've always looked forward to fall as a time for tweaking old pieces, shopping for new ones and truly embracing my personal style. I don't think I'm alone either, since the fall fashion magazines are the year's biggest. But I could be wrong. Anyone crave swinging summer dresses like I crave cozy knits? Anyone into winter's coats like I am into fall's light layers?

For so many years, September's arrival meant back-to-school shopping. A new year, a new me. Or a new year, the same me, just wearing something brand new. As much as I love strolling in the sunshine after work, as the day's get shorter I'll be lusting after looks like these from Dries Van Noten.

Images from Style.com

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