Coming to a Newsstand Near You

Trailers. Do you need one for your favourite magazine? Are they to excite loyal readers, or entice new ones? In recent months my must-read glossies have been getting the feature film treatment with online videos previewing what's coming up in future issues. While some choose to showcase certain pages along with a dance song, others actually list the Table of Contents online before the issue comes out. I think that the videos are a fun way to introduce the month's features. I have been watching them for the past couple of months to find out what I have to look forward to on newsstands. Seeing the Table of Contents puzzled me because it doesn't give much insight into an article's perspective or take on a certain topic. Do you check out magazine previews? 

ps. It's that time of year again, time to update my magazine subscriptions. So far FLARE, FASHION and Toronto Life are on the list. Are there any others you think I should regularly keep my eye on?

I've got questions and I'd love to hear your answers. Have your say by commenting, tweeting @ericaec or emailing erica.cupido@hotmail.com. 



Victoria said...

Flare, Fashion and Toronto Life are totally essential, but I also swear by Glamour. Reading it every month gives me a boost and a high that can only be achieved through its optimistic articles and self-improving attitude. It is a gem of a mag! PS love your blog!!

Erica said...

Hi Victoria! Welcome to Life is Glossy and thanks for following/commenting. I think that that positive feeling you get from reading is the most important thing, and the reason why I became so addicted to magazines starting years ago with CosmoGIRL!.

I hope you'll keep reading and writing to me!

Liana said...

Canadian Living and Chatelaine!