Birthday Wish

I spent my 21st birthday at 4 Times Square in NYC for Teen Vogue Fashion University. It was especially perfect because Proenza Schouler and Rachel Roy were there. I knew it was somehow meant to be. For my 22nd birthday I had the chance to review runway shows at Toronto's LG Fashion Week - another dream come true. Though 23 is still fairly far off, I've been doing some dreaming lately. 

Recently Vogue Italia EiC Franca Sozzani started a contest to attract more followers on Twitter. Follow her, retweet and you may just win a day at her head office in Milan. 

The prize is strictly access. The winner has to pay for their trip and hotel themselves. However I am willing to do that should I actually get the chance. I don't think there are words to describe how I would react if I could turn 23 in Milan. Naturally I've already entered the contest and received my confirmation. So I humbly ask you, dear readers, if you'd be so kind as to tweet, "@francasozzani choose @ericaec to join you at Vogue!"

What can I offer you in return? Some absolute must-read blog posts, the chance that I'll track down and interview Chiara Ferragni of www.theblondsalad.com and of course the most insider-y info I can offer. 

ps. I can't wait to pick up my August issues! Next week I have time off so I'll be enjoying a little stay-cation the best way I know how, with more time for sun, reading and blogging!

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