Rainy Day Recap

Today was surprisingly lovely. When my alarm went off this morning I had no idea I'd end up skipping home with a smile on my face and a shopping bag in my hand. I skipped the gym this morning to work on a presentation I thought I had to do at tomorrow's meeting. I thought getting an early start might help to ease my anxiety. Sitting at my kitchen table with eggs and a stack of magazines, I decided to turn on TCM for background noise. Seeing that an Esther Williams film was on should have been my first clue that the day was looking up. The workday included research, a meeting and more research, and I was prepared to spend the night at my desk. The only time I left the online world of pop culture happenings was for a brisk walk to and from my favourite organic eatery for lunch. And yes, it felt as if the clouds had parted for me to grab that vegan meal. Hours later I was the only one left at my desk, that's when my co-worker informed me that I won't be presenting for a few weeks because we're not currently on schedule. Weeks? I felt as if I was just given an extra few hours of time. Time to do whatever I wanted. I immediately decided I would do some quick shopping. But before that, I had to check in on my former boss who I still hadn't run into.

I quickened my pace when I turned the corner and saw the office door open. A year ago I was the intern. I remembered my closing interview with this editor and how he had been so encouraging. We spoke about writing, traveling and my new position. Was interning worth it? Ooooohhh yea. Interning showed me a world that I always wanted to be a part of, gave me the experience school didn't and helped me get to know the different editors. On my way out I was reminded to stop by anytime. Interning may end, but mentoring certainly doesn't.(source)

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