One Small Step

After a year of brainstorming, writing, perfecting and pitching, I finally received some feedback but it was too little too late. Let me tell you what happened. Last year, the goal of all of the hard work my classmates and I put into our assignments was to pitch them to editors and get them published. We cheered each other on, and congratulated those who made it to the masthead, or at least got a byline. I loved every minute I spent working on a particular profile assignment. I wrote up my query letter and pitched it to a city magazine, a fashion magazine and even a newspaper. I travelled, I studied and I kept working and eventually that particular piece was forgotten. Until recently.

So I finished school, got a job and got swept up in my new schedule. Then I got an email response from a new Canadian fashion mag in response to my profile pitch from months earlier. After chatting with my boss I learned that because of my new position I couldn't really go through with the offer (that was not paid, might I add). I wasn't terribly sad about the loss of that opportunity, but it certainly wasn't the best feeling. The editor was completely understanding and even asked me to say hello to my bosses who she used to work for (small world indeed). At the end of the day it was another reminder that freelancers are tough, they need to be. That one small email exchange had my emotions shifting back and forth from elated to anxious. I've never really had the desire to be a freelancer. But in the brief moment that I considered the chance that my story could be published, I appreciated the freedom that freelancers have. They go after what interests them, tell those stories and then become inspired by new ones that need to be shared.

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