Love/Leave July 2010

Last month I really wanted to see what you guys thought of the recent redesign at Chatelaine. The cover reminded me of a vintage version of the mag. The model on the cover appeared happy and carefree. I liked that the image wasn't of a celebrity or a plate of food. But I know that the Chatelaine reader is extremely well defined. I may not read it every month, but I'm always interested in the development of the mag since it's such an iconic Canadian brand. On that note, I decided to step away from Canadian mags this month to comment on the way different international versions have designed their July covers. This version of Love It or Leave It involves Vogue (US) vs. Vogue (UK).

After seeing Marion Cotillard on the red carpet and in Nine, I became a big fan of hers. This face of Dior has turned heads and had people talking about her fashion risks (Andre Leon Talley described her SAG Awards look as a "coconut macaroon reject"). When I initially saw this cover, I thought I'd like to read more about her. However, must she look so lifeless? I feel like Cotillard and Rachel McAdams were both aged in their Vogue covers. Perhaps a look like this one might have been more appealing in the winter months, but in July I feel like something a little less rigid would have grabbed my attention. As for the cover lines, Cotillard, Oprah and Lady Gaga are the things that pop. To Oprah and Gaga, I simply roll my eyes wondering if I'm supposed to take this as a controversial mash-up. Fall is my favourite season for fashion, so the larger text in the bottom corner peaks my curiosity. 

What do I like to see in my summer issues? Vogue UK knows. While I am not interested in reading about Cameron Diaz, this image has movement, life and she looks happy (I know that's not common in fashion mags but I appreciate it in the summer months). The styling here is fun, not fussy. Most of the cover lines are equal weight, so nothing really jumps out. I'm not interested in reading this year's interpretation of ageless style, however I'd love to learn more about Alexa Chung and Grace Coddington. I never expect much from summer issues. Maybe it's because they're usually brimming with beauty stories, or because I've never been extremely inspired by summer fashion. But when I want something to read in the sun, this is what I'd typically go for. When I asked my sister to take a look at these two images side by side, she immediately chose this one. What do you think? Do the Brits have it right?


S.Elisabeth said...

Hmm I think both look gorgeous and true to their own images. Marion Cotillard simply has this image like her cover, sophisticated, etc. While Cameron Diaz has this beachy, laughing kind of image (sorry these are such bad adjectives, I hope you get my meaning) so I quite like them both!

TootsieTreat said...

Us Brits definitely have it right! Living in England where the sun is seldom seen, covers like this remind you that we are in summer! Its bright, catchy and would definitely jump out on the shelf. I completely agree, happiness is an emotion rarely seen in fashion magazines but if it's done as well as this...why not? Great post! TootsieTreat