Dreaming Again

The past few weeks have been extremely hectic. There have been a lot of long days, tiring commutes and a flurry of family parties. So far 2010 has been treating me quite well, but there are still a few things on my wish list. A look like Viviana Volpicella's is certainly on it. She's an assistant fashion editor at Vogue Nippon. Her look is always classic, well-tailored and accented with pops of colour. Maybe I'm just longing for Italy, or maybe I'm longing to go shopping. But I thought some shots of Volpicella were fitting for a blog post. When I started working full time I thought I'd have more time to go shopping, not less time to fit it in! Here's my inspiration, for whenever I get around to it.
images from thefashionspot

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Liana said...

oh wow i love every look here...please take me with your next Volpicella inspired shopping trip!