American Woman

Our final day in Manhattan began with a compiled list of what everyone wanted to see and do. My contribution? The Met.  I had never been before and was determined to see the American Woman exhibit before packing up and returning to Toronto. After a trek through Central Park, we continued onto the sunny Upper East Side streets until we hit 1000 Fifth Ave. As those famous steps came into view I became filled with the same excitement I had on my very first trip to NYC.

I raced ahead of my family to find the exhibition. At the entrance I decided that I would immerse myself in the experience as best I could. So I approached an attendant (perhaps a little too eagerly) and purchased an audioguide. In Europe I couldn't be bothered to spend the money, but here I wanted to take in the exhibit as best I could. I pressed play, entered the first room and thought Let the sensory overload begin.

Walking through each room of the exhibit is like stepping through time. The extraordinary clothes and accessories are accompanied by set designs that transport patrons to each of the featured decades. Aside from the clothing (if you can even get past it), I was swept away by the way each room captured an influential moment in the development of the American woman's identity.

My favourite era, that of The Screen Siren, should come as no surprise. I gasped as I entered the second last room and saw clips of Lena Horne and Rita Hayworth projected onto the walls. Between the black and white clips were some of the most glamorous gowns of the exhibit.

I am still struggling to describe the exhibit, but it's surely one that I will never forget. My visit to the Met was certainly the highlight of my trip. I must have looked ridiculous in my jeans and tee, with my museum headset on and an irrepressible smile on my face. Sure, I could have read all of the literature on the walls but being guided through the exhibit by the voice of Sarah Jessica Parker was a little too good to pass up.


Life Gets Glossier

Life's about to get a whole lot glossier. Upcoming adventures
include a trip to NYC (I leave tomorrow morning) and the start
of summer. Also, it's time to cross another 2010 resolution off my list.
Just weeks ago I crossed off 'Run 10k,' after successfully finishing
the Sporting Life 10k. Now I can kiss my double life goodbye,
because this intern just got hired. Farewell part time work.
Hello real world.

Three Scenes

I was recently told that I should have own television show. It wasn't the first time, though I cannot figure out why someone would want to peer inside the life of an upbeat, suburbanite like me. As vain as it may sound, I spend too much time at home in mismatched sweats to be an interesting reality tv personality. But then there are days when things seem to pick up. I spent the past few weeks polishing my resume, studying back issues and rehearsing answers to job interview questions. Yes, I was in pursuit of an editorial assistant position again. This time my job search led me back to the home of my previous internships. Three interviews, three editors, one position. If you saw it on tv, the highlights may have been a little something like this...

The One With HR
High: Feeling completely at ease with young, chatty HR rep.
Low: Preparing portfolio and then learning that it was completely unnecessary.

The One With the Senior Editors
High: Being told I'd fit in perfectly.
Low: Having to dodge sprinklers on my way into the building.

The One With the EiC
High: Meeting with the EiC!
Low: Completely fumbling a question about the magazine's readership. Trying to treat myself to a cookie afterwards, and not having enough change with me.

By the way, it was a bff's mom who said I should be on tv. So there certainly aren't cameras in my future.

Hazy Morning, Eyes Wide

Take Jennifer Lopez and place her in the hands of the Vogue Italia team. Add an old film soundtrack. Mix with an over the top designer wardrobe - perfectly fit for Lopez - and a dash of hazy morning sky. Fall in love (if you can say that she's a celeb you grew up idolizing, which I can). Repeat.