The View From Here

"Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa," sings Nat King Cole. I'm sitting at my computer, writing, as the music plays on. I'm wearing the typical uniform, my family immediately recognizes it now. Sweat socks, leggings and my University of Toronto sweater are topped off with a high bun. My door is closed, but my window's open, allowing sunshine and cool breeze to flow inside. On my white dresser there's a pot of green tea, a large pitcher of water and a bowl of almonds that I'll likely run downstairs to refill. Outside my window there's a view of a large tree, and my neighbour's bedroom window. I'll try to convince myself that this is the best way to work, in my room, with minimal distraction (but of course, hours of time wasting are a mouse click away). I can't work in total silence. But here all of the background noise comes from inside, not out. A phone rings, my sisters call out to each other, pots clang and the television blares. I tell myself that this is the best setting for me to work in, and I know I'm lying.

You see, it's about what's outside. I have an affinity for views. As an intern, I luckily worked with a full view of downtown Toronto. In Italy, I spent hours sitting on the terrace, looking out at the coast. It's not so much the scenery, as the promise of what's out there waiting for me. Everytime I make my way downtown I am immediately filled with energy. Suddenly not only can I write, but I want to write. There's no sense of time or routine, only the freedom to wander without a designated endpoint. The lights keep shining and the people keep walking. I've known for years that I want to live downtown, and the feeling never gets old. I imagine myself in my first home, writing away to the sounds of Nat King Cole or any alt/indie rock made famous by The OC or Grey's Anatomy. The inside will likely be the same - magazine tears on the walls and piles of scribbled notes strewn across my desk. But outside will be different. Sounds from the city streets will pour in through my window, and I'll know that some of the greatest sources of inspiration are just steps away.

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