Sunshine & Spring Things

Last week I had planned a springtime post, only to have the sun disappear all weekend. When I left the gym this morning to see the sun shining I knew I had better take full advantage. And now, a few things I love about spring:

Nude Shoes
I've been holding out on shoe shopping because I'm afraid I'll commit too early to a pair before we've seen the last of winter. But every time the sun comes out I feel the urge to run out and grab a pair. You see, I'm quite selective when it comes to shoes. I find a pair and wear them out. When I find the perfect pair, I tend to cling to the vain hope that no one else has them. As long as none of my girlfriends sport the same ones, I can keep this deluded view alive. This spring, I've got my eye on a chunky nude heel. Me and every other fashion fan, right?

Some gravitate toward bags, others toward bracelets, but when I'm older I hope to have an enviable collection of sunglasses. I've always been drawn to the idea that a pair can add a touch of mystery, or 1960s-style glamour, depending on the frame. From the pink aviators I think I picked up years ago at Claire's (yikes! I know) to the Tom Ford pair I wear today, they've always been my idea of a luxurious treat to myself. Last summer I came home from Italy with very few souvenirs, magazines and a pair of sunglasses. 

Spring is for strolling, the kinds of aimless walks that lead you to explore new places, or those that simply allow you to see something differently. When the snow melts I can't help but think of those school days spent heading hand-in-hand with RLB to the nearest coffee spot. Before the assignments piled up, we'd stop to walk almost everyday, lazily passing the time. In my mind, these are what movie moments are made of.

Pick-Me-Up Nails
You know I consider manicures a treat at any time of year, but the colours in spring are such a treat. After rediscovering a spa gift certificate I received for Christmas, I decided to book an appointment and check out OPI's Hong Kong collection. I chose Panda-Monium Pink for a soft, pastel shade to shake up my loyalty to nudes and greys. It reminded me of the days when I was blind to any colour that wasn't pale pink.

Spring makes me want to get up and go. Suddenly I'm filled with hope for what's to come. Promise hangs in the air as I try to find more writing opportunities, more job prospects and more travel destinations. To my sister, quite easily "the coolest girl in the world," now you're also one of the strongest. Whether we're discovering new Toronto spots or living your Gossip G dream in NYC, I hope we have some adventures of our own this summer. No matter what happens, I promise that some day we'll sing this one together.


olivia.cupido said...

thanks er<3
i hope we do all those things but no matter what we are definatly going to have summer adventures and one day we'll be saying 'Bonjour Paris!' (i thought you were tired, you said you were tired!)

Liana said...

1. love nude shoes...and im not a shoes person but you put me totally in the mood
2. thinking of investing in a pair of sunglasses...possibily a european pair?...hopefully youll be there for expert advice
3. this post just made me so excited for the spring and summer to come!