Love/Leave April 2010

There was a week last semester when all of my classes seemed to focus on the same topic, the magazine cover. After hours of commenting on what sold and what didn't, I should've immediately thought about the possibility of covers on my blog. Instead I continued to post only when covers really grabbed my attention. Last month Magazines Canada posted cover critiques and the sounds of last semester immediately came back to me. Colours, balance, lines, numbers and photography, they're all elements of an attention-grabbing cover. Though I love receiving my mags via snail mail, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from visiting to the newsstand to discover this month's issues before jumping onto the subway. Of course, these are just my thoughts and I'd be more than delighted to hear yours. On that note, Love it or Leave it, Take 1.

The arrival of spring means that it's time to shop at FASHION. The peach tones are certainly on trend and let the brand come through without resembling OPI Big Apple Red. As far as personalities go, I'm not particularly interested in this actress or her upcoming film with Johnny Depp. "Shops for Every Shape" and "Green Beauty" don't appeal to me personally but I've always adored the Test Drive column (SNP in the Prada hip-waders was a favourite of mine) so that's exciting to see on the cover. The addition of "Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty" makes me think that this issue is focused on what dressing for spring means in 2010, and isn't recycling typical lines about florals. My teachers have said that numbers really attract readers at the newsstand, but they do nothing for me. Whether I'm told that there are 243 or 24301 pairs, the bottom line is that I'm going to see shoes. 

FLARE's April cover differs from FASHION's in that it's all about the personality. All I see is Coco, and I'm thankful for it. She's an opinionated, creative young Canadian and I want to read more about her. If spring's "New Pretty" involves lilac, jewel tones and that much sparkle then count me in. The "Spring Extras" cover line complements the styling, as Rocha's   look is all about the accessories. Unfortunately, hair stories are things I skip over, but I would love to read about Canadian fashion stars (do I know them already?). Like I said in my previous post, lately I feel like I'm recovering from SAD. So why not indulge in a little fantasy? Plus, the price special won't hurt this commuter's budget either. 

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sarahdanslenoir said...

Great post Erica! I love seeing magazines side by side on the newsstand, much more pristine than smushed in a mailbox.
I think I love Flare's Coco cover more than Fashion's. Flare's cover is just more vibrant and Coco's coloring really contrasts well with the lilac. Have to admit I never really look at the cover lines, but at the model and clothes.

P.S. wish more of my uni classes covered topics like magazine covers! As it was, only took a few classes like that.