International Gloss

I spent the majority of last week cooped up in my room, hunched over at my desk, working on my 2000w feature assignment. It was a rough couple of days spent reading and re-reading, writing and re-writing. Finally, when I'd reached the point when I just couldn't look at it anymore, I hit send. But during that final day of writing, I received an unexpected surprise. My cousin Daniela, who ditched Toronto for love in Spain sent a package my way. 

When my sister got home she noticed the large envelope sitting at the front door. I tore it open to find the most thoughtful of treats, an issue of Spanish VOGUE and it's accompanying special on the collections. I was overwhelmed to say the least. I've never been to Spain and don't speak Spanish, but my family certainly had a laugh listening to me try to read the cover lines out loud. Before I delve in to these foreign pages, here are some of my favourite images.
ps. Thanks Daniela! This little dose of fresh inspiration couldn't have come at a better time!


ddistefano said...

LOVEEE euro mags! My dad brought be back a bunch of Vogue Italia's in January but I haven't even had time to read them yet :'(

Kimberly said...

I say fashion (in any shape or form) is the cure for anything - stress, frustration, etc.

Liana said...

need a translator?

Laura said...

omg i wantttt that <3