Secret's Out

Source: Styleforstyleshop.com
It's no secret that I wish I could call myself a fluent Italian speaker. I mean, I can get by. When RLB's around I keep quiet, and yet this summer one of the many nicknames given to me by AG and ES was "The Dictionary." So after 3 summer trips and 4 years in Italian classes I still try to do my best to keep up. Recently, I decided to merge my love of Italian and style blogs. I added 2 Italian blogs to my list of Daily Reads. Though I once considered The Blonde Salad to be one of my greatest finds, it's clear that the secret's out. I've also been reading Style For Style by Giorgia Capaccioli. She and Francesco Ioppolo design and sell a line of tees on the site as well. In high school I was a big fan of the "witty" t-shirt. I do recall wearing one that said "More Than Just a Pretty Face" at one point (feel free to giggle). For more clever basics like the images above, check out their shop online.

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MewTwo said...

LOVE these t-shirts!!!

We only know blonde salad from your blog! Also, you are the dictionary... shy and silent but then all of a sudden conjugates essere in the subjunctive on the spot.