Keeping it Cozy

Missoni FW09 and Pre-Fall10 from Style.com

In the midst of the non-stop flow of tweets and critiques from New York Fashion Week, I decided to stop myself from trying to keep up with it all. Instead, my approach is to slow down and look at the collections that interest me the most. I'm not in New York. As much as fashion fans marvel at the way the online coverage makes it easy to feel like you're there, I'm not going to pretend that I have a front row seat. As I peruse the collections and street style coverage, I realize that I was not born to be a critic. Season after season, I consistently gravitate toward the same things. In elementary school it was white t-shirts, in high school it was a statement-making pair of earrings and throughout university I've always been partial to cozy knits. Even now, I'm wearing layers of grey, an oversize cardigan and a ballet pink scarf. Certain things will always be part of my winter wardrobe. As the fashion world looks forward to Fall 2010, I can't help but cling to some of my previous favourites. Among those classics there will always be a special place in my heart (though not my closet, as I am lacking serious designer wares) for Missoni's layered knits and subdued winter palette.


MewTwo said...

LOVE the missoni snood from fall rtw 09! nothing beats missoni knits - winter AND summer. do u know when their show is???

Becca said...

The ONLY good thing about winter and cold weather... the cozy knits, sweaters, scarves, boots. I love it all. :)