Hiking in Heels

I may be a suburban girl, but a country girl I definitely am not. A couple of months ago I flipped through my October 2009 issue of FASHION and noticed The Girls’ Guide to Hunting & Fishing. It was a spread filled with feminine layering, textured coats and tartans. When I first look through fashion mags, I search through the spreads for something that inspires me or is just foreign enough to encourage me to try something new. Both the classics and the influencers end up on my magnetic board (which is currently featuring models in beige, black, grey, trench coats and dark lips). When I saw the outdoorsy concept for the shoot, I continued to flip. But that shoot came to mind recently when I picked up my March 2010 copy of FLARE. Inside, Girl Gone Glamping has a similar take. Though the styling is different (Glamping features tribal accessories, ikat prints and metallics), FLARE also brought a redheaded model outside. Clearly I’m partial to city and studio shoots. But after seeing these two side by side, I thought of the barnyard setting of the last Chanel show and Prada's hip-waders. Maybe I’m not likely to be inspired by the country but this year designers certainly are.

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