Over the Taupe

I began this month filled with the energy that comes with every new year. So far I've managed to keep all of my resolutions, except there's one I realize that was never made. Stop procrastinating. After avoiding the blog for some time I realize that suddenly there's a lot to say. Here's a recap:

1.My workout/running schedule so far has been really fun (imagine!). AG and LVS are great motivators in the gym. Although my eating habits are here and there, that sort of chat is better suited for a whole other kind of blog. In terms of the glossies, I've recently subscribed to Women's Health. They may be repetitive, but at this point I'll take any positive reinforcement I can get. I've told you before, I'm a sucker for any cover lines that shout about having confidence, being in shape and personal style.

2.Though I was excited for the semester to begin, Ryerson cancelled courses and forced almost everyone in my program to rethink their schedules. Hence, I entered the world of magazine design where I was told I would leave the class with the ability to talk the talk of the art department. That first day I was wide-eyed, last night I was struggling to stay awake. Blame the amount of new concepts I'm trying to wrap my mind around or the early morning wake up calls (See 1) - your pick.

3.In elementary school I became so intrigued by my horoscope that I questioned crushes based on whether or not our signs were compatible. While I'm no longer so interested, I gave in and read what to expect as a Scorp in three different publications while riding the subway a few weeks ago. According to the stars my career prospects won't be too bright this month (thanks!), but the social calendar will. Regardless the past few weekends have included recaps, a visit to Ciao and a night at the Mod Club (I'll take any venue featuring DJ M-Kutz and once again, he did not disappoint). I suppose the nights out make the days divided by part-time work, school and sitting at my computer a little less dreary.

To clarify, Over the Taupe is my current nail colour. If you know me, you know that my favourite pick-me-ups include buying dvds and manicures. Plus a little OPI was the perfect way to prep for this upcoming weekend. Tattoo Friday and Spice Route Saturday. Happy Birthday to all and to all a good night.


Christina Tacconelli said...

hahaha erica i remember when you would check our horoscopes all the time .... memories:)

Anonymous said...

I just order that nail colour from Amazon!! hahah I can't wait till it comes

Erica said...

Tac! How was NYC? Maybe I was a little too into it back then but I can't help but read them now when they're all making the big predictions for the year.

Dee -- I just saw it yesterday and if you love You Don't Know Jacques or Parlez-Vous OPI? you will love it.

MewTwo said...

Erica! you have to subscribe to Runner's World!!! its the real thing.