My Life as a Chick Flick

It was supposed to be simple. I've done it thousands of times. Point A to Point B. But somehow last week, a midst feelings of helplessness on the job front, I gave in. My usual walk from my car, through the mall, to the subway turned into a dose of pointlessly indulgent retail therapy. What made the cut? A book about living like a European (I can't stay away from the Literary Travel section), an embellished dress for this weekend, a floaty tunic just because, Clinique's Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Black Honey and some cheap chick flicks. I have got to stop "just looking" at HMV. This time I left with 13 Going on 30 and The Holiday. Despite feeling slightly embarrassed by the time I finally sat on the subway, at least I hadn't reached for sweets. But that's a whole other story.

As the week went on I continued to look for job opportunities online. Though I keep hearing that my first job may not be exactly what I have always dreamed, how far off will it be? I applied for three more positions, including one as a proofreader for a book publisher. I polished my resume, cover letter and sent them out, hoping that someone would take a chance on a bright, young thing like myself. If my life were a chick flick, I'd probably start out in some lackluster position and then rise to the top in a flurry of bylines, clothes and smiles set to a cheesy soundtrack. Sad as it may seem, it's nice to know that I'm not alone. My friends and I are equally struggling to make the transition from students to entry-level go-getters. As I sit here and try my hardest to avoid my inbox, I can't help but think that if this is all some sort of cinematic set up (I saw Post Grad on the plane home from Florida and unfortunately could identify with certain parts of it) I'm ready to begin rolling the opening credits.


Anonymous said...

You should move in with your nonno in FLA and come work at the paper i'm interning at! They would LOVE to have someone like you to work here. (although it won't be very glamourous)

Erica said...

dee! that was the fastest I've ever had a comment posted, and I was just reading your tweets! Sounds like you're having a great experience there! Sadly my Nonno came home early but let's make plans to reunite in the Spring!