Honestly, it's 2010

I have to be honest. While I may have used the holiday season and my family vacation to Florida as reasons to stop writing, that isn't completely true. One major reason that I've neglected my blog is because I didn't get that job I interviewed for. Sounds childish doesn't it? Now that I can see the words in front of me, I definitely think so. Yet just a few short weeks ago I was officially torn by the news that the editorial assistant position had been offered to someone else. I just thought I should come clean with you because I love to end each post with a positive twist, but that doesn't mean I always feel that way.

There I was, days before the editor was to make her decision, envisioning myself getting dressed for work, toasting with friends to my new position and blissfully awaiting my first big day. Soon enough, I received an email telling me that I had not been offered the position. It was courteous, complementary and extremely encouraging, but it was still far from what I wanted to hear.

After an extra-lengthy separation from my email, favourite blogs and twitter, I realize that I am ready to get back out there. There are jobs to apply for, people to meet and stories to write and I personally cannot wait. A sucker for glossies and the cover lines they throw at me, I scoured the latest issues while on vacation and found a slew of resolutions and promises that women all over the world are making to themselves in honour of 2010. I'm not typically one for resolutions, but I do like feeling like I have a clean slate to reconsider my perpetual list of things to do. As I watched the ball drop from my grandfather's condo in Florida I realized that this has been a big decade for me. First kiss, first love, three graduations, several adventures abroad and countless dreams later I'm still excited for the new experiences ahead. It's only a few days into this brand new year, but here are a few things that have made the cut:

-write, write, write and get published along the way
-find first "real" job (and try to put my days as a part-time retail worker and receptionist behind me)
-return to my diary (my life from ages 11 to 20 is summarized in 13 books and I figure the more I let it out on paper, the less I'll run for chocolate each time my mood is up or down)
-go back to NYC (will I see Central Park in bloom?)
-run a race (I signed up for my first 10km and already created a new playlist for my return to the gym this week)

I think I'll withhold the remaining items. I've got to get back into the swing of things rather quickly, I've already got a story to work on and school begins again next week. Though I stopped at the airport newsstand for some essentials, I can't help but feel out of the loop. Any particular glossies grabbed your attention this month?


Amanda DiPasquale said...

Keep going girl! You're talented and driven and you will find your dream job soon enough! I find rejection is sometimes harder than we imagine it to be. I've dealt with all kinds when trying to land internships in the past. It is hard especially when the interview goes amazing. But there is always something better around the corner. After tons of failed attempts I landed FASHION, and it was better than anything I wanted before. xo

OC- said...

will you see central park in bloom?
please, of course
see you there!