Another Underdog Story

I'm trying my best to keep the 2010 momentum going, but it's hard not to slow down when the snow is falling on a quiet night. Today I was reminded why I'm writing and constantly searching for the next opportunity during a phone interview with Sabrina Jalees. Jalees is a Canadian comedian, tv personality/host, writer and motivational speaker. I was instantly attracted to her story because she is extremely ambitious. She was hosting a show on CBC and writing a column for the Toronto Star while she was a student at Ryerson!

It was another chance to work on my interviewing skills. As always, procrastination took over and so when I got home from work this afternoon I had little time to take my jumbled notes and turn them into a flowing list of questions. I narrowed down the topics that I wanted to talk about with her and made the call. "Would she be funny?" I thought. As we began talking I got my answer. Amidst my frantic note-taking I certainly had a chance to laugh. Born in Toronto, Jalees has recently relocated to New York. Naturally the city's infectious energy crept into our conversation as well. Her creativity, confidence and drive has led her to create a place a for herself in the Canadian comedy scene at such a young age.

After we hung up I was immediately excited to start working on my story. I headed down to school only to find that 2 out of the 3 courses I enrolled in for the semester have been cancelled. I may not be able to replace them, which is a frightening thought. If I can't fall back on "oh, I'm concentrating on school right now," then the pressure is on to build my portfolio. Though it may be easy to sink into my cozy abode filled with classic movies and neatly organized back issues, it's time to get to work. I applied for another job and pitched a story earlier this week. You know what that means. I'm praying for responses in my inbox. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

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