"wishin, hopin, boxes to open"

Last week I embarked on Day 1 of Christmas shopping. I ended up going to the mall at the last minute, hence my solo outing and chattiness with each salesperson I encountered. I left with gifts for almost everyone on my list and even a few magazines in tow. You know I've already praised my holiday issues but these were a little different. For the sake of the blog, I took home Mango and H&M magazine. I was curious to see what was inside and what their respective strategies might be.

Mango's magazine is essentially a catalogue with editorial-style photography. The stories star Scarlett Johansson (the cover girl), Daisy Lowe ("Sensual Feeling") and Leigh Lezark ("Girl & Boy"). H&M's is quite a different story. With photo shoots by Terry Richardson, an interview with Lady Gaga and a piece telling readers how to find their inner hostess, the mag appears to be much more like my usual reads.

But what's the point? Mango seems to be telling it like it is. So why am I reading H&M's "25 Best Tips for a Great 2010" (In case you're wondering, they include "Don't dream it. Be it.")? I guess the fact that I shop there regularly should answer my own question. Before this turns into a rant on consumerism and brand management, next time I'm at the cash I'll politely refuse an issue.

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olivia.cupido said...

"...but we agree its right to wait"
yay for christmas shopping and festive mags.