"we could keep trying but things will never change/so i don't look back"

VOGUE Italia December 2009 (thecut.com)

Fashion is all about moving forward. Fashion is about what’s next. Or is it? I’ve always been the kind of girl who believes that somehow, someway, it all goes back to the classics. But this week I was exposed to both the new and old in magazines.

This week I got my first look at VOGUE Italia’s December cover. Covered in a collage of models’ self-portraits, it was accompanied by comments about Twitter. I was immediately excited and approving. The collage/moodboard layout reminded me of so many I had created in my room and on my desktop over the years. But models? VOGUE? It has a do-it-yourself feeling that is far from covers photographed by Patrick Demarchelier and Co. After some thought (maybe a little too much) I realized, with high-end designers rushing to create diffusion lines, reality television shows that capture all of the happenings behind-the-seams and a new cover that resembles a collection of Twit pics, fashionable ideas seem to be falling off their respective pedestals.

Back in my dream world of vintage photography and ‘60s musicals, AG and I decided to take in a night of girl talk and holiday cheer. We finally checked out the Vanity Fair portraits at the ROM. The room was bustling with couples and gal pals, all shuffling around for their glimpse of Princess Diana, Madonna or Rob Lowe (circa the days of the Brat Pack). We followed up with sushi, a major catch-up session and a stroll by the Holt Renfrew holiday windows. My favourite had to be their interpretation of fashion’s notable names (Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington among them) as snow[wo]men.

I spent the day studying a year’s worth of back issues of one Canadian women’s mag. As I flipped pages I was confronted with the idea of old and new once again. Summer beauty buys, holiday basics, the same stories are repackaged again and again. We look in the rear view mirror as fashion keeps moving forward. I guess it doesn’t really matter, as long as it keeps us wanting more.

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