Walk in my Shoes

After a week of studying back issues, scouring outfit choices and anticipating possible questions, I made my way to my first editorial assistant interview today. As Mother Nature would have it, my big day coincided with the first snowfall of the season. I packed my shoes, bags and books before my sister and I set off to join the trail of cars moving along the highway at a snail's pace.

Despite leaping out of the car just a block west of the building, I entered the festive lobby with soaking wet boots. I was early enough to dry myself off and switch into my favourite pair of studded booties. Luckily, my outfit ("Dress for the job you want" says the voice in my head) was unaffected by this year's first encounter with slush. I added a swipe of lip gloss, stashed my extra bag (filled with homework and a cozy knit for class this evening) under the receptionist's desk and still had time to spare. I reviewed my back issues, ideas and writing samples before the editor at large appeared.

Though this was my first interview for a paid position, it wasn't my first time chatting with editors about my experience. Despite being usually shy around new people, I seem to become possessed by an extremely outgoing version of myself each time I enter an office. Those questions I was oh so prepared to answer? I wasn't asked a single one. Instead I had the chance to speak a bit about myself, hear more about what will be expected of the EA and ask some questions of my own. I presented her with another copy of my resume and a collection of writing samples that took me hours and hours to format properly on my new mac.

A funny thing happened when I mentioned my references. "I received a letter about you," she said. I didn't know whether to be shocked or deathly afraid. It turns out that after telling my teachers about this interview, one of them had written her a letter about me! I was genuinely surprised and extremely flattered. She couldn't remember which one had sent it, but I plan to solve that mystery tonight.

Regardless of what happens, I felt good about it. I truly would not have done a single thing differently. You should know that I'm always up for magazine chat, so of course I left with a smile. Oh, and one more thing, an edit test.

I stepped back out onto the street with my hood on and my head held high. Next stop - dream job! But before that, I headed to the Eaton Centre to buy a pair of waterproof boots.


Sabrina said...

ahahahah yess waterproof boots are a must for this weather loll exciting day!...i have a feeling you will get the job :)

Christina said...

Erica you're life is so exciting! You have come a long way from the basement studios of TBS! Love the blog and good luck with everything!

olivia.cupido said...

wooo good luck!
also love the new boots no matter what people say!