It's Not All Love

I'll admit, I don't know much when it comes to the design or art direction of a magazine - besides what I like and don't like. What makes the cut ends up on my board in my room, an ever-changing collage of inspirational images (what kind of fashion-lover would I be without one?). I'm hoping that will change in 2010. I'm looking at courses that will allow me to get a glimpse of a magazine from the art department's perspective. Also, many of my assignments are asking for creative ideas along with each pitch. Speaking of assignments, it's about time I get to work! For now, enjoy this tidbit from a recent interview with former Esquire designer, George Lois.

“Look at Vogue. Oh my God. Vogue and Harper’s once were very well designed magazines. I mean they were exciting to look at. You could not give a shit about fashion and be excited by the whole look of the magazine. You look at Vogue now: it’s not even designed. What a difference. You pick up a Vogue back in the days of [Condé Nast’s Alexander] Lieberman and those guys, and you look at it now, and it’s a disgrace."

ps. any tips on how to use/learn to use in design?


Daniela DiStefano said...

We had a few in design tutorials at school but the best way to learn is trial and error. just play around with it for a few hours and see what you can make. or else google some things you cant figure out!!

Anonymous said...

I studied a bit of graphic design at Ryerson; they likely offer continuing education classes. But you may be able to get away with having a friend show you the basics and then learning as you go.

I have been tweeting basic design tips; feel free to follow me @stephwereley

Laura said...

Erica, id be glad to help you out. Indesign is a piece of cake! feel free to msg me if you need anything. i can send you over some of my school notes if you want

Nadia said...

I think you're right.
But in my opinion you have to read the italian Vogue.I'm italian and I buy also the american edition, and I honestly think that there is no comparison between the american and the italian edition.Franca Sozzani and Luca Stoppini make such an amazing work with Vogue.It's amazing not only for fashion but also for graphic design.