Bought It. Wear It. Worn.

Every evening I ask if there's any mail for me. Though the most I usually receive is a bank statement, I hold out until my subscriptions start to flow in. As with most things in [my] life, they all seem to arrive when I don't even bother asking.

Earlier this week I woke up to find a neatly piled stack of mags in the kitchen. Nylon (I thought my subscription had run out!), a UofT alumni magazine (yes, I do read it) and a copy of the latest Worn Fashion Journal were all addressed to me. It turned out that my issue of Worn seemed to combine the off-beat styling of Nylon with the smart girl perspective this UofT grad had been lacking lately.

I spent most of last weekend brainstorming story ideas for Mother's Day. Images of high tea, sunny days and white fabrics suddenly came to mind. If you know my mother, you know that I have to laugh at our different opinions when it comes to style. Naturally I had to read G. Stegelmann's piece on what she learned about dressing from Mom.

Pages later I swooned at the Nancy Drew inspired fashion spread. Stories of this young sleuth are a very large part of my obsession with reading. Seeing the vintage mix made me think of carrying Nancy Drew novels in my backpack and dreaming about being a fiction writer someday.

Finally, those Wornettes captured my attention with "Colour Me Your Colour Baby," a look into the history of colour and its associations with gender. As an undergraduate student I took any gender courses I could find. My fascination often found it's way into my writing, including one piece I contributed to the second issue of VIVE, our campus fashion publication.

I've been familiar with Worn since before it made the move to Toronto from Montreal. It has always valued the smart, critical and historical takes on fashion. But this issue made me wonder, Hey Wornettes, can you read my mind? If you're curious, check out www.wornjournal.com, they may be reading yours too.

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