Where No One Knows Your Name

In terms of vacation wardrobes, is your escape an entirely new way of dressing or are you more inclined to relax in the same old beach rags? I love reading about the ways in which people attempt to sum up a city’s style sensibility. They can never truly encompass it all, but I can’t help but feel that certain places evoke their own unique aesthetic. VOGUE UK’s Emily Zak recently blogged on the subject:

“Here stereotypes do apply. In Italy it's body hugging and the highest of heels; in California, colour, hippie chic, fleece and flat sandals; in France, low heels and understatement; in New York whether down or Uptown, polished and put together; in Japan the extremes of conservative work wear and Harijuku girls.”

For me, it depends where I am. Florida is an annual trip in our family and we all look forward to the empty schedules and sun. My plan? Swim, read, swim, read, swim. If I’m caught wearing old t-shirts and bathing suits day in and day out, forgive me. Trips to New York and Italy are meant for style, but this one certainly isn’t.

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