A Love Letter to my Holiday Issues

They arrive each month in my mailbox but this month they bring something along with them – some holiday cheer. I want to write about, forecast, and inspire readers with the latest in fashion and pop culture. And so with the arrival of my holiday issues came a flurry of ideas about gifts, parties, friends and outfits. Each month when the mags I subscribe to arrive, I pick apart what I love about each issue. I consider myself a collector. I’ve got a library of back issues in my room and if my sisters want to use them to decorate their walls or create collages, they have to go through me first. That’s what second copies are for.

My sister asked me yesterday if I actually read my magazines. Read them? I flip first, then go back and take it in cover to cover. As I continue to take courses at Ryerson I find myself reading differently too. I’m constantly looking for signature items, writers, interview techniques and whatever inspires me overall. There was definitely no shortage of inspiration in my holiday issues.

FASHION? Thanks for Rebecca Tay’s “Show Down.” It’s your combination of commentary and whimsy in your writing that keeps me coming back. FLARE? If the buzz about GaGa isn’t enough to lure you in (I’ll admit I’m not a fan but the cover photo’s lovely. Plus I had to see how the accompanying feature spun the Haus of GaGa and all of it’s glory) flip to “Bright Young Things.” The sparkly spread captures a holiday party at Rolly’s Garage in Toronto. Though I’ve already been caught wearing eye-catching earrings and my hair in a bun, I can only wish that my holiday looks like this much fun.

So thanks, dear holiday issues for keeping me going. You intrigue me, surprise me and remind me of what I want to be apart of.

With Love,


Kwil said...

I love holiday issues too! I always tend to buy more magazines (on top of the ones I am already subscribed too) during the holiday season. I can't help it- the party scenes, pretty new years dresses, cozy decor, festive spreads have me hooked.

Amanda DiPaq said...

I just got my latest FASHION holiday issue in the mail with Taylor Momsen on the cover. Loveeeeeeee it! The holiday issues just feel different. I have urges to buy things that sparkle.