How to, Ways to and the Top 5 Reasons Why

“How to lose a guy in 10 days!” my sister blurted out before I’d even finished. I was trying to explain to her that I needed to come up with three service story ideas for one of my classes.

Yesterday I spent the majority of my day waiting for something to strike. Of course, in the final hour before class things started to come together. I scrambled to print my research and ended up with ideas for an entirely different publication than the one I had set out to brainstorm for.

I suddenly decided to check out if this mag had any job info or openings on their site. They didn't. The energy that came with the flow of ideas must have taken over, because before I knew it I was on the phone with the EiC. Despite the WTF in her tone, I could not be shaken. I simply asked where to find out more. She said that they are not currently accepting applications or queries right now. After she hung up I had to laugh. I expected to get contact info from the receptionist, not to interrupt the EiC. Personally, I think I'd be a good fit for their magazine, and I intend to prove it. But I didn't have time. I had to get to class.

So what if I was a little late? I needed to make a quick stop for green tea. Plus, my story meeting with my teacher (an executive editor) ended with some encouragement on his part and utter excitement on mine.

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Amanda DiPaq said...

Way to be ballsy Erica! Cold calling takes guts!