Design Your Own...Education

Applications picked up again this week. I’m trying to apply for jobs with an open mind and not let daydreams of my ideal position get in the way. I felt a little Ryerson love when one of my teachers forwarded some job openings to the class. As always, I try to prove why my experience would make me a good fit. Despite having always known that I wanted to work at a magazine, I like to think that I’ve designed my own education. I’ve sought out internships, informational interviews and tried my best to grasp at insight wherever possible.

This week I attended Ed2010 Toronto’s latest event, an interview seminar led by Megan Griffith-Greene of Chatelaine, Bonnie Munday of Best Health and Jenny Pruegger of Transcontinental HR. And now, some notable points…

-The Bigger Picture: Remember that HR will be the first to review your resume. They’ll be looking to see whether or not you’d be a good fit for the company/publisher.
-Do Your Homework: Know your role. Know your superior’s role. Know the magazine and have a sense of their reader.
-End on a Good Note: Ask questions about the role and how previous employees have been successful.

I loved seeing the room filled with mag-lovers and readers. Chatting with other writers and interns reminded me that I’m not alone. There’s always going to be someone with a little less experience, and someone with one more enviable opportunity. Regardless, now's the time to set myself apart.

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