The Comeback

A week of procrastinating and then finally writing came to an end last night. Draft One (a comforting thought considering I know it needs work) of my major profile assignment was due last night. As usual I continued to re-read my work right up until the last minute before I had to leave for class. I quickly wrapped up the end (was my writing even coherent by then?) and sent it in. Though I was doubtful, I am truly excited to continue working on it. Working on this ongoing project means having piles of notes, sheets and style manuals handy along with a healthy dose of hope. I hope I can finish this and still be proud of it. I hope I can find the perfect quote. I hope – boy do I ever – that this may appear in print someday.

Whenever I finish a big assignment you can guarantee that my appearance is completely frazzled, from my au natural hairstyle to my choice of outfit. On a good day it’s a cozy knit, anything less and I reach for the good ol’ TNA sweats. Yesterday I managed to avoid the tracksuit and opted for a dress instead. Large ballet pink scarf is always a must – especially when the goal is to catch a nap on the subway.

Enough of from my guide on how to appear like a hobo – I got to Ryerson and of course half of the students weren’t there. They’d emailed their assignments and then stayed home. Why didn’t I think of that? Regardless, my teacher is an inspiring lecturer with countless stories to tell about on-the-scene reporting, so I stuck it out.

Afterwards we headed to a pub to ‘toast to our deadline.’ It was fun to hear more of our teacher’s stories, chat about our assignments and what we learned along the way. Working on this assignment was definitely a highlight of the course so far (along with being called a “graceful” writer). It was nice to take the time to chat about where we’ve all been and where we see ourselves going, until it’s time for Draft Two that is.


olivia.cupido said...

no one can perfect the 'cool hobo look' like you

Lisa Canning said...

Congrats Erica!