Adventures in Flats

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, have you missed me? This week I discovered that Christmas comes before the Halloween candy is even finished, assignments can pile up without a moment’s notice and if you want something, go ahead and ask for it.

On campus I got to transcribe my own interview. I looked through shelves of books on instant photography. Apparently choosing to write an assignment on the inner workings of a Polaroid camera was a bad idea. I can barely believe that I spent Monday going through the motions of work and school – and by Tuesday a lengthy list of assignments seemed to magically appear. I sat in the library, waiting for ideas to strike like lightning. Current research includes hand sanitizers, fashion design stereotypes and pubs in Toronto (help!).

On Bay Street I met with a friend of a friend at Indigo for a chat. She contacted me to discuss all things internship, and naturally I was happy to oblige. The main theme that we kept coming back to was to ask for what you want. Curious about job info? Reach for the masthead, that’s what it’s there for. No one’s going to hand you your dream opportunity.

On Bloor Street I popped into Holt Renfrew to check out wares from a specific designer. The sounds of carols immediately had me in the holiday spirit. Embellished silver ornaments made it easily feel like Christmas was around the corner. Snapping back into the present, I sought out a particular rack in the name of research...

On Queen Street West I got a true taste of life as a fashion writer. I interviewed Toronto-based designer Erin Kleinberg and got to tag along on a trip to her fabric supplier. She’s young, funny and extremely determined. Her ambition and business-minded view of fashion was inspiring. She attributes her work ethic to the infectious New York energy she was exposed to while interning with W Magazine stylist, Alex White. Surprisingly, the gentleman at the supplier even suggested I work as Kleinberg’s assistant (too bad she has one). Hey, it worked for Elana Fishman [former Teen Vogue Fashion News intern, currently Jason Wu’s assistant] didn’t it? Either way, this jobless glossy-lover had to smile. If meeting Kleinberg taught me anything, it’s that all you can do is keep going.

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