View from the Fourth Row

What else did I see at LGFW?

Into the Wild at Ula Zukowska

The woman wearing Ula Zukowska has two choices for Spring/Summer 2010. One is to opt for clothing that protects from the elements. While the other is to wear an outfit that let’s you relax and enjoy the spring breeze.

The show itself seemed fairly subdued. Clothes came down the runway in shades of beige, lilac and dark blue to the tune of the violin. But the accessories shook things up. Pops of bright orange made tights and statement necklaces obvious eye-catchers.

Ula Zukowska’s opening looks immediately had me thinking of utility, practicality – even armour. Survival came to mind when I saw the high, stiff collars, the pockets and the neutral palette. Though the leather leggings were already on more than enough members of the audience, they too fit the tough chick aesthetic. Or so I thought.

The collection switched gears with a series of loose-fitting dresses. The light fabric and silhouette had more movement than some of the show’s earlier pieces. Colours bled into one another unlike the solid neutrals that dominated the beginning of the show. Large flowers were pinned to jackets and found on patterned tights. Suddenly nature wasn’t something to protect yourself against but something to embrace.

If the choice were mine I’d go with the structured pieces. As someone who has never even entertained the idea of camping before, I’m siding with the touch chicks on this one.

Lucian Matis Plays Ringleader at LGFW

It was a circus under the tents for the Lucian Matis show. While waiting outside the crowd seemed to multiply until finally, when people stopped paying attention to assigned seating, things got started.

An eerie trinket-box melody opened the show as several loosely draped dresses came out. The circus theme continued with the clown-motif decorating the dresses. Strapping the models into their embellished headdresses and pastel-coloured shoes only added to the disturbed mood.

But the restrained models’ outfits only got prettier. The length and silhouette remained the same (below or at the knee, loosely draped or away from the body) but the clowns were out and the jewels were in.

With each dress I struggled to take in all of its detail. Steely blue, muted purple and white fabrics were studded, sequined and sparkled more and more as the show went on. I knew the mood had lifted when pink made its way into the mix.

Matis has always had an eye for elegance. For Spring/Summer 2010 the look is 1920’s glam. Highlights include a white sequined dress with low-slung straps and a gray blue gown that would be backless without Matis’ expertly detailed chains.

When the music changed again the audience waited for what sort of theatrics were up next. Canadian supermodel Monika Schnarre closed the show in a white corseted gown with added crystals. By this point I was mesmerized. Maybe it was the supermodel surprise. But it was probably the jewels.

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