Mes Amis

It's been a particularly tough week. I've too little time working on anything productive and way too much time wondering what's to come. I feel as if my friends and I prayed for school to end, now it has, and there's a general sense of helplessness all around. Feeling lost and afraid doesn't seem to be uncommon. I'm hoping that my meeting this week at the site of Internship No. 2 will provide me with some sort of direction. But it helps to know that I'm not alone. Luckily, friends and new bloggers are writing all about it.

Remember the diary you hid under lock and key? The one that held all of your deepest confessions ("I have a crush on...") and most scandalous secrets ("Guess who made out...")? The one that you wrote in by the light of the moon and to the sounds of the Backstreet Boys on your walkman? Okay, maybe that last one was just me. Anyway, Liana of Lili's Diary has returned to the tradition of journal writing with her very first blog. Honest and candid, she writes about the present day thoughts and musings of a 20-something girl in post-university world.

Hey, we can't all be supermodels but we can be confident, driven young women who are out to make our mark. Amanda's Not a Model is for creative types looking for a one-stop site for all things related to fashion, beauty, style and health. It's life advice from a 'non-model' who admits she doesn't have it all figured out. But no one does. It's my opinion that we all just need something fun to inspire us along the way.

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Kimberly said...

Don't feel discouraged. Everyone goes through those moments - more often than you think or know of. My friends and I went through the same feelings of frustration, concern and doubt when we completed our postgrad at Seneca College. Just remember to keep yourself busy, work on your fabulous blog and network like crazy!