Happy Thanks!

"Expired. Expired." That's all I heard from the security guy when I tried to use my swipecard to visit my former boss. I returned to the site of both of my internships hoping to blend in. Instead, I had to follow procedure and was ultimately labelled a visitor. I suppose my swipecard is just a souvenir now.

With one elevator ride and a phone call later, my boss greeted me with a hug. We sat for coffee discussing the current happenings at the magazine and what my next steps might be. Unfortunately they are certainly not hiring, and her workload is piling as a result. During a time when I can't help but feel lost, it was nice to hear encouragement from someone who has so much experience. If I've learned anything, it's that you definitely have to keep up with your contacts.
Later that day while checking my email (of course) I received some encouragement of a different kind. My freelance writing teacher responded to one of my countless emails with a stamp of approval. Our assignment is to write a profile on someone in Toronto, and step one was to pitch it. He wrote to me saying that my chosen subject would be a great choice. After hearing lacklustre feedback from pitches before, I immediately felt a rush of excitement. The next step is to approach her and hope she agrees to hang out. But instead of holding out for emails this weekend, I'm holding out for pumpkin tarts. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kimberly said...

Don't feel discouraged that you're alone in your search to land a good job - a lot of people are in the same boat as you. Stay positive, keep writing and networking (promote your blog).